Reviving Your Drains

Rely on Jetadrain for comprehensive drain repair services in Shepperton, Surrey, and the surrounding areas. Primarily, we endeavour to provide drain relining services using non-intrusive “no-dig” technology. In cases where damaged areas need to be fully replaced, we also deliver drain excavation services. All of our repair services are designed to restore your drainage systems with minimal fuss or hassle.

Drain Cleaning

Complete Drain Repairs in Shepperton and the Surrounding Areas

Drain Relining

Wherever possible, we carry out repairs using no-dig technology at the drain access point, saving you time and money on costlier and more intrusive excavation procedures. Using tough epoxy-resin drain liners, we are able to repair sections of pipe up to 50 metres in length in one go.

The liner is bonded directly to the pipe walls with epoxy-resin glue, which inflates to form a watertight seal. Suitable for pipes from 100mm up to 1.5 metres in diameter, drain relining is the most convenient and effective way to repair a drain. For smaller pipes, we use patch liners to create a pipe within a pipe.

Drain Excavations

In more serious cases, drain excavations may be required in order to complete repairs. We provide this service only as a last resort. Conducting a full CCTV drain inspection, we will only carry out excavations in the event that an area of your drain has completely collapsed or otherwise cracked so badly that relining won’t suffice.

When these circumstances do arise, we will work quickly and efficiently to rebuild and reinforce the structure of your drains using the latest technology and materials. Ensuring minimal fuss and hassle, we aim to complete all repairs to the highest possible standard and protect you against future damage for years to come.

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