Reviving Your Drains

Eliminate blockages with superior drain unblocking services from Jetadrain. Operating vehicles with high-pressure water jetting units, we are able to clear the majority of gully blockages without any damage or costlier intervention. Serving customers in Shepperton, Surrey, and the surrounding areas, we offer a same-day drain clearance service to prevent any further build-up or blockages. In case of emergencies, we offer 24-hour services whenever possible.

Drain Repair Services

Professional Drain Unblocking Services in Shepperton and the Surrounding Areas

Water Jetting Services

High-pressure water jetting is by far the most convenient and efficient method of clearing blocked drains and pipes. In most cases, we don’t even have to access your property, unless you have an internal drainage pipe that needs clearing.

The process entails blasting water through a high-pressure hosing system to clear away and disperse any debris and obstructions. This will either be carried away by the main sewer or moved further down the drain to be retrieved at a later access point.

You may find that one treatment clears your drain permanently, but in persistent cases, we will recommend a close inspection and perhaps drain repairs, backed up by regular jetting services. In the event of more stubborn or established blockages, costlier intervention may be required.

Fully Equipped

All our vans are fully equipped with everything we need to unblock drains and pipes, including:

Fully Equipped

  • High-Pressure Water Jetting Units

  • Drain Inspection CCTV Equipment

  • A Range of Pumps, Power Plungers, and Rotary Unblocking Equipment

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Proudly Serving Customers in Shepperton, Surrey, and the Surrounding Areas

How to Avoid Blockages

Unfortunately, the most common cause of blockages is negligence by users of toilets, sinks, and other drainage facilities. There are various misconceptions about what’s disposable and what is not. Just because it disappears when we flush it away, it doesn’t mean it has gone.

The best way to avoid costly unblocking services is to avoid flushing any of the following products:

Disposable Nappies

Always bin nappies and never flush them away. Even if it’s biodegradable, it will still take years to degrade in your sewer pipe, causing blockages.

Sanitary Products

Although it may be inconvenient, try to dispose of towels, pads, tampons, and other sanitary products in a bin. Just like nappies, they will block drains.

Cooking Fat

Washing up detergent may disperse fat in water, but it will all collect back together in your drain. For meat fat, wait for it to cool and solidify in the fridge and then place in a bag and bin it. Cooking fat should be put into a spare bottle and taken to the dump of a reclaiming centre.

Cotton Buds

In the sewers, cotton buds cling onto fat and other debris, creating a dam inside your pipes.

Wet Wipes

While wet wipes degrade over time, even the manufacturers have conceded that they should not be flushed and are researching flushable alternatives. For now, bin them instead.

Any Sort of Food Waste

Bin it or compost food waste, but never, ever flush it.

Stick to this advice and you are far less likely to end up having to pay for drain unblocking services. If you do have a blocked drain or pipe, call Jetadrain straight away for fast and reliable services in Shepperton, Surrey, and the surrounding areas.